10 reasons why babies cry (and what you can do about it)

August 27, 2017

10 reasons why babies cry (and what you can do about it)

At first it may seem complicated and you probably misinterpreted it several times, but do not worry, it is totally normal and with practice you will be able to recognize the different types of crying your baby, and even know what happens to him before he starts to cry.

These are the 10 reasons why every baby, without exception, cries every day. And how you can relieve it and soothe him in the process.

He wants you to hold him in his arms.

Babies need pampering. Feel their parents, hear their voices, feel the heartbeat, smell ... Sometimes crying for them is a shouting call to be carried in your arms. And you're not spoiling him for it. During the first months babies need that close, physical contact with their parents.

They need sleep.

How lucky are babies, right? They do not have to worry about anything. Their mind is relaxed. If they are tired they just have to close their eyes where they are and go to sleep. However, on many occasions, it is not as easy as it seems. When babies are too tired it is very common that they become irritable and cry non-stop. Avoid it by putting your baby to sleep as soon as he yawns, instead of waiting until the tiredness gets him in a bad mood.

He is hungry.

When your baby moves around without stopping, makes sounds with the lips and moves them as if breastfeeding or just tries to suck on his ittle fingers. These are all signs that your baby is hungry. Once you learn to recognize the signs that your baby is hungry, you will be able to feed him before he starts to cry.

He has a dirty diaper.

Many babies can tolerate a dirty diaper for hours, and sometimes you will not realize that you have to change it and there are some who immediately cry when it gets dirty. This, however, is easy to observe and simple to solve.


He needs to expel gases

When feeding your baby, he swallows air at the same time as milk. If your baby cries after eating, chances are that he or she have got some gases to expel.

Stomach problems

If your baby gets irritable and cries often right after eating, he may have stomach pain. Our advice is to consult with your doctor before giving your baby any remedy. Even if your baby does not have cramps and has never become irritable after eating, having too many gases can occasionally leave him in a sea of ​​tears.

He is cold

Babies, as a rule, like to be warm and cuddled. This is why, every time your baby feels cold, he'll let you know. How? By crying, of course!

Something bothers him

Not being able to move by himself, anything like hair curled in the fingers, a diaper that is too tight, labels of clothes that scratch, or any toy that has been left in the crib and is bothering him, will make him feel uncomfortable and the crying will begin.

Not well

If your baby has just eaten and flushed and still goes on crying, maybe it's because he's about to fall ill. Put the thermometer on and take his temperature to see if he has a fever and watch out for any other signs of illness.


Teething can be painful when every little tooth pushes through the tender gums. There are remedies for teething and pain relief. Some babies suffer more than others, but all at some point in the process will be irritable.


Hope this short guide lends a hand to better understanding why your baby cries and how you can help him when he does!

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