10 Tips for first-time dads

June 05, 2017

10 Tips for first-time dads

Becoming a dad is a really big deal, especially when it's your first. Everybody offers "friendly advice" and has a great deal of wisdom to share but it generally feels a bit out of place. And not at all real.


Dad and baby


Bear in mind the following 10 tips for when the moment arrives and you'll be golden!

1.- Childbirth is downright scary:

A great many things can go terrifyingly wrong during childbirth. Your brain will prepare a slideshow show of them all when you least expect even if everything is going along fine. So, expect the best but be prepared for the worst.  

2.- It's emotional:

You can go about this in one of two ways: you either feel an enormous rush of love as soon as your newborn is placed in your arms or you don't. Both are OK. Bond with your baby at your own pace and don't feel guilty if you don't get those huge Hollywood feelings all at once. 

3. Saying you're tired is forbidden:

However tired you might feel, your partner is infinitely more so. Keep it in mind. Always. 

4.- You need to be there for your partner:

Mentally and physically speaking, it's a tough time for your partner. Give all the help you can provide. She'll be needing it. 

5.- Postpartum depression is real:

It's a real, debilitating illness that may require professional help and medication. Be on the lookout for the signs of postpartum depression. Take care of your partner and of yourself, too. New dads can get depression as well.

7.- Become a baby dump expert:

What's baby dumping, you ask? Ask your partner to hold the baby for a minute so you can go to the bathroom or have some water. Carefully hand over baby, then RUN!

8.- Lose your squeamishness:

Unpleasant fluids are constantly coming out of your baby whether it be poop or spit up. Get used to it and buy a whole lot of detergent.

9.- Change clothes X times a day:

Not just the baby’s. Yours too, unless you think pebbledash vomit is a look that works for you.

10.- Babies cry. A lot:

It's normal for babies to cry a lot. It's the only way they've got to communicate. Babies cry for a nyriad of reasons: overstimulation, tiredness, indigestion, acid reflux or colic. You'll learn how to distinguish them. 

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