5 bad habits you need to get rid of once you become a mom

August 29, 2017

5 bad habits you need to get rid of once you become a mom

We all have some behaviors or habits that we consciously repeat day by day and that we know well are not beneficial to our health, our mental tranquility, social life and/or personal life. However, when we become mothers, we incorporate another dimension to these habits ​​and without realizing it, can complicate in the not too distant future, the relationship with our children, partner or social environment.

Here's a selection of the 5 most recurring bad habits and what to do to start modifying them:

1.- Feeling that you are failing every day, to be a martyr to motherhood. Social networks are a huge outlet for people who complain about all aspects of mom-life.  It's as if there really was nothing good to emphasize about motherhood. Don't fall into this trap!

2.- Judge and criticize other parents. In this, hardly anyone is guilt-free. We have all judged or criticized the upbringing of other kids at some point of our lives. A good exercise in this case is to stay away from those who are constantly criticizing other forms of parenting (and that includes social networks). And be more tolerant, to accept that there are many parenting styles and that the most important thing is that children grow up happy and content.

3.- Speak badly about yourself (And also, speak badly about the people your child or children know and love). By constantly criticizing ourselves, and without noticing it, our children are taking in the same bad habit. The same thing happens when we speak ill of people they love. If it's something you know you're doing, stop!

4.- Do not ask for help, do not include others in your day-to-day mom life. "Super mom" is just a myth. Let others help you out when you're slammed. That other people help you is a huge plus in the upbringing and well-being of your kids because you don't have to divide yourself into a thousand parts and run around, overwhelmed by all the things to do in the house / Work / life and your child or children because they will be calm, with all their needs covered and happy sharing with a grandmother, uncles or people of trust. It's win-win.

5.- Do not know how to disconnect. (and thereby create false quality times with the children). Don't tell the kids you're all going to watch a movie then pick up your phone and start updating your social media as soon as it begins. That is not quality time with your kids. Do the conscious exercise of disconnecting yourself - but seriously - so you can also consciously create quality moments with your little ones.

Try to end these bad habits and fully enjoy being a mom!

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