A baby-friendly 4th of July

July 01, 2017

A baby-friendly 4th of July

Let's be honest. There are holidays that are all the more wonderful when you have kids, like Christmas and Easter. But others simply aren't.

The 4th of July is one such holiday. Beer and fireworks just don't mix with formula and diapers, right?

But this doesn't mean you can't have fun on Independence Day. Search for alcohol-free, non-flamable activities that can be fun for the entire family, such as: 

Dress for the occasion. 

Bibs that commemorate red, white and blue festivities! An Uncle Sam top hat just for baby or a headband wih glittery stars! Putting together an over-the-top and adorable outfit for baby is one of the perks of the 4th of July as parents. You can be as festive and ridiculous as you want as long as your baby looks ever so cute and Instagram-ready.

Say it with food. 

Holiday-specific food is a must when you have kids. It helps them understand the celebraton of a new holiday in very simple terms. So it wouldn't be a bad idea to start trolling Pinterest for American flag cakes and red, white and blue kebabs ideas or Jello desserts. 

Fun during the day. 

If the fireworks go off way after your little one's bedtime, find out what else is going on in your town. There must be some child-friendly, daytime activities goign on somewhere. Hunt our parades and picnics and well as concerts. Baby will love to be included in all the fun!

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