"A Mother's Beauty" photo series

November 05, 2016

"A Mother's Beauty" photo series

Jenna (31) is a mom of four kids six and under — including a set of twins. Aimee (34) is a mother and stepmother of four. They are sisters that both live and work in Alberta, Canada and began taking pictures after having children.

Hobbs sisters

They are the artists behind Hobbs Photography and the creators of the photo series "A Mother's Beauty" which seeks to put moms in front of the lenses rather than behind it, as seemed to be the habit with mothers:

"Over time, we began noticing that more and more mamas would either only want their children photographed, or when we sent them their galleries of images didn’t want any of the images with themselves in them,” the Hobbs sisters said. “This just breaks my heart … we mamas are the centre of our kids’ whole universe — we’re their mothers — and that in itself is incredibly beautiful and definitely worthy of being documented and treasured.”

A Mother's Beauty

Stretch marks, scars, excess baby weight. . .they are all part of the entire transformative experience of motherhood that this photo series sets out to capture. They all tell a story and all have the force of  a mother's love and the beauty that comes with it.

The sisters say that their goal is to showcase real women and their real stories.

“There is beauty in stories, stories that all of us carry with us everyday,” says Jenna. “Beauty is not a one size fits all thing — it is multifaceted and can be found everywhere. There is nothing more beautiful than a mother loving her child.”

We completely agree.

A Mother's Beauty

A Mother's Beauty 2

A Mother's Beauty 3

A Mother's Beauty 4

A Mother's Beauty 5

A Mother's Beauty 6

A Mother's Beauty 6

A Mother's Beauty 11

Source: Babble.com


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