Baby Carriers for babywearing

November 16, 2016

Baby Carriers for babywearing

There are many types of baby carriers that fit different tastes and needs. Here are brief descriptions of the main ones: 


Wraps are pieces of cloth in varying lengths.  They can be used for front, back, and hip carries.  Wraps are the simplest carrier in terms of structure, but may take a bit longer to learn to use.  Wraps are a good choice for someone who wants to do many different carries with the same carrier.

 Baby K'tan wrap

Baby K'tan wrap


Mei Tais

Mei Tais are soft bodied carries with a tie waist and shoulder straps that come around baby and tie.  They can be used for front and back carries (it is possible to hip carry with some MTs).  Mei Tais are a good choice for someone who likes the adjustability of a wrap, but wants something slightly faster to get on.  A Podaegi (pod) is a related carrier – basically a MT without waist straps.  A Onbuhimo (onbu) is also similar to a MT but has rings at the waist instead of straps; the shoulder straps are threaded through these rings.

Fidella Mei Tai carrier

Fidella Mei Tai Carrier


Buckle/Soft Structured Carriers

SSCs are soft bodied carriers that have buckle waist and shoulder straps (there are some versions that have either a tie waist or tie shoulder straps); they are used for front and back carries (there are some that can hip carry as well).  SSCs are a good choice for someone who wants a quick carrier that doesn’t require long fabric or straps to deal with.

Ergobaby organic carrier

Ergobaby Organic Carrier


Ring Slings

Ring slings are one shoulder carriers – a piece of cloth threaded through rings; they are used primarily for hip or tummy to tummy front carries (experienced wearers can back carry an older baby/toddler with a ring sling).  Ring slings are a good choice for someone looking for a quick and compact carrier.

Ring sling

Ring sling carrier


Pouches: Pouches are a piece of fabric sewn in a loop that forms a pouch for baby to sit in; they are a single shoulder carrier and can be used for hip and tummy to tummy front carries.  Pouches are a good choice for someone looking for a quick and very compact carrier.

pouch baby carrier 

Pouch baby carrier


Babywearing Clothing and Accessories: There are specially designed coats, sun protection, and other gear just for babywearing.   We’ve also included information on this page about babywearing practicalities (like the best diaper bags).

babywearing clothes

Baby Wearing clothes


Take into account your lifestyle, daily activities and needs when you are in the process of choosing a baby carrier. Whichever you pick will certainly make your life easier!


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