Baby's First Easter

April 07, 2017

Baby's First Easter

Want to make of your baby's first Easter a fun and memorable holiday? Easy! Just get him/her involved with activities that are first of all age-appropriate and secondly, that truly commemorate this special time of the year.

A baby bunny 
Most moms love to dress baby up in perfectly thought-out costumes that represent a particular holiday. Putting a bunny outfit on your little one might make him look adorable but you can bet it's not much fun for baby! So get them in the chosen outfit early, take some Instagram-worthy pictures and videos and then change them into something much more comfortable so they can move and play at ease without forgetting the holiday theme.

Sponged baby onesie

If you are a DIY mom, you can try decorating a simple white cotton onesie or jumper with Easter motifs such as bunnies, eggs and cute little ducks. Just cut the desired shapes out of clean sponges. Then, dip the sponges into some craft paint of pastel colors (or whichever you prefer) and stamp the onesie or jumper with it. Make sure the paint you use is non-toxic and to be used specially on fabrics. For an extra cute details, try sewing a bunny tail on the onesie. Let it dry completely and wash before putting it on your baby.

Egg Peek-a-Boo
If your little one is too small to join in the traditional Easter egg hunt, modify the game so they can join! Choose a variety of colorful, plastic eggs and let baby see you hide them in easy-to-find places such as under their blanket, behind a toy or inside a large bowl. Then help baby "find" the hidden eggs by playing peek-a-boo. Baby can put like colors together or put them back in there hiding spot. 

Bunnie Basket
Get your crafty going and try making a personalized, unique Easter basket for baby! There are lots of craft stores that carry wonderful baskets that you can decoarte and dress up as you please with ribbons, bunnies, colorful eggs cut out of felt and glue-gunned to the basket. 

Consider filling the basket with stuffed baby animals such as bunnies, ducks and chicks; teething rings and rattles; and colorful plastic eggs. Keep them empty, though, because anything that can fit inside the egg is most likely a choking hazard for baby. 

Easter eats
If your baby is under 1 year old, bear in mind he/she should not be eating eggs, chocolate, honey or the like. Jellybeans and candies like M&Ms are also a choking hazard for little ones. So, until your little one reaches the age of 1, stick to their regular feeding menu and focus on celebrating easter with fun activities and not with sweets. 



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