Choosing the Right Baby Carrier

June 04, 2018

Choosing the Right Baby Carrier

There's a vast amount of baby carriers on the market nowadays. If you are an inexperienced baby wearer, knowing which style or brand is the best for you and your little one may take some time and research. You can start with the following considerations: 

1.- Hands-Free Breastfeeding

For many moms, being able to breastfeed while wearing a baby is a necessity, specially if they have a toddler to tend to and chase after besides the new baby.

Wraps and ring slings are a great option for breastfeeding moms. Why? 

  • You can easily put and secure baby in the sling.
  • The sling can be adjusted to the exact size of the baby actually grows with your little one. 
  • Slings are super-easy to use.
  • Slings have enough fabric to provide full coverage so you can breastfeed in public discreetly.

 Brands: Kangaroobaby, Karma Baby, Hotslings.


2. Heavy Baby

If your baby is a bit big, look for a carrier that will distribute baby’s weight evenly and that offers more lumbar support than a sling. Some moms feel that stretchy wraps can start to sag after repeated use and/or when baby starts getting bigger, particularly because his weight will rest all on one shoulder.

Soft-structured carriers are the best choice for bigger babies and for when you're out for long periods of time because they offer proper lumbar support, reducing the strain on your upper back.

Brands: Ergobaby, Tula, Baby Bjorn.


3. You Have Back Issues

Wraps and soft-structured carriers allow you to support your baby on different parts of the body so that there is minimal stress on your back.

"Your baby carrier should distribute your baby's weight widely to reduce strain. A well-adjusted sling or pouch should not cause back strain, but may aggravate an existing problem. Wrap around carriers can be a good choice, as they spread the baby's weight widely over both shoulders as well as to your waist/hips. Unstructured or Asian-style soft carriers are flexible enough to hold your baby very close to you." 


4. Babywearing is a long term plan for you

If you’re planning on baby wearing for long periods of time and/or while your baby grows (for 2 or 3 years), then consider getting a baby carrier that will have your needs covered over time. 

Brands such as Ergobaby and Baby Trekker are designed to grow with baby and stand the test of time. Try using drool and teething pads on your carrier to avoid dampness and moisture when baby starts teething that could harbor bacteria and mold and make baby sick.


Choosing a baby carrier is ultimately a matter of personal preference. When shopping for one, go to a store that carries several brands and try on all the styles that catch your fancy. Take a doll or teddy bear with you to put into the carrier so you have a clear idea of how it works with baby.



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