Benefits of Co-sleeping with your Baby

January 12, 2018

Benefits of Co-sleeping with your Baby

Co-sleeping is essentially sleeping in close proximity to your baby or child. It can be done in any of the following ways:

Bed-sharing: parent(s) sleep in the same bed with baby or child.

Family cosleeping

Sidecar arrangement: securely attach a crib to one side of the parents’ bed, next to the mother. Three sides of the baby’s crib are left intact, but the side next to the parents’ bed is lowered or removed so that mother and baby have easy access to one another. 

Side crib

Different beds / same room: this might include having baby’s bassinet or crib within arm reach of the parents (easier at night) or just in the same room; or preparing a pallet or bed for an older child on the floor next to, or at the foot of, the parents’ bed.


Nils Bergman, a neonatologist and director of Mowbray Hospital Maternity Hospital in South Africa, believes that "children should share the mother's bed at least until age 3."

"Children who sleep with their mothers up to age 3 are less stressed than children who sleep alone," according to South African neuropediatrician Nils Bergman, well known for his dedication to the development of perinatal neuroscience and the scientific basis for skin-to-skin care . The pediatrician warns that "babies' hearts are under more stress if they sleep on their own".

Children who fall asleep on their mother's chest rest better than those who spend the night in a crib. The scientist stresses that another benefit of a baby sleeping with his mother is that he will be able to breastfeed whenever he wants (not unlike in his own crib where he would have to cry if he got hungry) which improves the quality of baby's rest.

Dr. Bergman also believes that one of the major disadvantages of not sleeping with the baby is that it makes it difficult to create the mother and child bond, as well as generating future development problems.

baby daddy cosleeping

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The brain development of children can also vary according to where they spend the night, because it seems that separation of the child and mother and father every night, if children generate fear and stress, could lead to behavior problems . "Brain development can also be damaged by separation with parents at night, which can lead to behavioral problems in adulthood," the research claims. The study also revealed that when babies sleep in a crib alone the interruption of the brain sleep cycle occurs more often than when they sleep cuddled next to mom or dad and recalled the importance of sleep quality in the development of their organs.

In certain European countries there is a certain social alarm about SIDS and co-sleeping, however it has been proven that mothers seldom are the cause of this tragic ocurrance. "When babies suffocate or suffer sudden infant death, it is not because their mother is present, it is due to other things like toxic vapors, cigarettes, alcohol, large pillows or dangerous toys."

Dr. Bergman, founder of the movement called 'Kangaroo Mother Care', emphasizes the benefits of skin-to-skin contact between a mother and her newborn, through her research that concludes that 'hearts Of babies are up to three times more in tension when they sleep in a crib than in their mother's breast. " Scientific evidence shows that separating the newborn from its mother involves damage to the baby's neural connections that are irreparable.

Sleep with your baby. It'll do you both good.

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