How to prolong the life of your baby carrier*

May 26, 2017 1 Comment

How to prolong the life of your baby carrier*

Purchasing a baby carrier is more than just getting an accessory to carry your kid around. It's about investing in an article that will hopefully last years and be the source of great memories and bonding moments for both parent and baby. Although not all carriers are built to last and constructed for durability, most of them are. You just have to look around and don't be afriad to ask questions and do some research before you make your pick. Consider getting a brand name that offers warranty and has a great customer service policy like Ergobaby (their Ergobaby 360 is a one of the best carriers out there), Beco or Baby Bjorn.

When you have finally made your choice, be sure to follow these tips to prolong the life of your pricey carrier: 

Use teething pads

Once they start teething, babies tend to suck on anything they can (literally) get their gums into. Baby carrier straps are a natural favorite since they are so easy to access, right? But all that drool and saliva from baby's mouth can leave damp areas on your carrier for bacteria and mold to fester; which is definitely not good for your little one. You can avoid all that by using drool and teething pads. And if they are especially designed for your carrier, all the better! Make sure you get a set that cover both front and straps of your baby carrier. Then all you have to do after a major suck session is take them off and drop in the wash. Easy as pie!   

Gentle wash / air dry

Drop your carrier in the wash when needed and make sure all buckles are secured to avoid clinking. Use mild detergent that will be easy on your baby's delicate skin and be sure to turn on the gentle cycle. When done, DON'T out it in the dryer. It might lose some if its firmness and structure so just hang it to dry outside or in a warm room. 

Don’t leave in the car

However tempting it may be, NEVER leave your baby carrier in the car. The extreme temperatures can destroy the integrity of your carrier. Need to keep it on hand? Hang it on a hook near the door. That way, you'll always know where it is and it will be within reach whenever you have to sprint out with baby to get groceries or something.


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Paula Latham
Paula Latham

May 30, 2017

Hi this was a great ideal I love this I wish I had these a long time ago they work out really great you won’t be sorry if you buy this I would give this thumbs up and a I would give it 5 stars

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