It's a new year!

January 22, 2018

It's a new year!

The beginning of a new year gives us the opportunity to consider new goals as mothers. Here are three ideas that we hope will be useful for a great year with your little one.

More time to play, better if it's outdoors. Playing (especially outdoors) is very good for the mental, emotional and social development of children. Between work, school, homework and after school activities there is often no time for the child to enjoy something as simple and essential as playing, be it in the park, at home or in the nearest playground. If your work schedule makes it difficult for the child to play often with his friends, think about the option of organizing playdates in advance with families you know well or on weekends.

"Listen" to your child with all your senses. Providing children with quality time to listen and talk is fundamental. Without communication, relationships weaken. Let's have our eyes and ears wide open as we ask them about their day at school and we listen to their stories, their achievements, their fears ... as well as those silences that (together with body language) sometimes say more than words. Even if there is little time that you can dedicate daily to communicating with your children, make sure that it is a moment where you give them real attention.

Put technology on your child's side. In the middle of smartphones, tablets, Internet, TV, cable, video games and the such, parents have to establish rules so that children use these technologies healthily. If you let the lighted screens reign at home and eat hours that should be dedicated to study, physical activity or family time, then technology will become a problem. Make technology an ally. How? Monitor the content your child accesses, put a limit on space and time for the use of these technologies and find out about programs and games that are fun but, at the same time, educational.

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