Memorial Day Ideas for Kids

May 29, 2017

Memorial Day Ideas for Kids

Those who have lost their lives while serving in the US Armed Forces are honored on Memorial Day.  

It is not a holiday intended for our little ones, with a meaning that they will not fully grasp at a tender age, but we can explain to them in simple terms the significance of Memorial Day.  This way, they will respect and honor the sacrifices made by the men and women in the military. These kid-friendly Memorial Day activities will help you teach your kiddos to do just that! 

1. Fly the good ol' red, white and blue. If you don’t have an American flag, make one with your little ones using construction paper and glue and staple them onto straws for flying. On Memorial Day the flag flies at half-mast to indicate mourning.

2. Honor the men and women in the military today by sending a care package put together with your little ones. Too much? Try sending a card instead. You can look up active soldiers and cantac them via  

3.- Try teaching your little ones the lyrics of America The Beautiful or the Star Spangled Banner. They may not be the rage at the moment but it certainly will be a fun thing to do with your kids.

4.- Visiting the graves of fallen soldiers or attending a memorial service can instill in your children the solemnity of this day and help them understand that some people actually give their lives bravely for their country. 

5. Make a red, white and blue dessert to end the day with a festive touch. Get your kids to help and make it super fun!


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