Taking Care of Baby

January 26, 2018

Taking Care of Baby

Some tips will make the new role of dad and mom easier when taking care of baby:


:: Spots of cotton and warm water will be useful for children under one month or for those who suffer from irritation due to the diaper.

:: Even with the best brands of diapers happen to be passed to clothes. So, have a change of more.

:: Using talcum powder can damage the adhesion on the diaper straps.

:: You can use a rattle, mobile phone or music box to distract the baby and make the change easier.


:: It is advisable to use clothes made of elastic or woven fabrics, which are easier to put on than those that do not yield.

:: When the garments have a zipper, remove the garment from the body to avoid pinching it with the clasp.

:: Turn the time for change into a game, so it is not a struggle between parents and children.

Ear Care

:: It is dangerous to put in any ears, not just babies, any type of object.

:: To clean them, use a cloth or cotton wool, but do not penetrate the ear.

:: When the wax is very accumulated, consult your doctor.

When on the Move

There are elements that you can not forget at each exit to the street with your son or daughter:

:: Diapers.

:: Cushion for the seedlings: can be a diaper or also a towel to protect the surfaces on which you will change the diaper.

:: Handkerchiefs: to clean your hands or face before or after eating. Even for vomiting or nose cleaning.

:: Plastic bags: for used disposable diapers or clothes that can get dirty.

:: Bottle.

:: A molt: you never know when your baby can get dirty.

:: Blanket or bag: weather changes are also untimely.

:: Distraction: A toy or suck that allows you to catch the attention.

:: Snack: for both you and the baby. You never know if you will not find something to eat nearby and if you are breastfeeding you may need it.

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