When we find motherhood overwhelming

January 24, 2018

When we find motherhood overwhelming

May 3 has been declared World Maternal Health Day. Under the logo #maternalmhmatters, this date aims to highlight the importance of accompanying the mother in all stages of her motherhood, from pregnancy to the first years of raising her child or children, with all the complexities that it implies and that many times, out of fear, out of shame, because we fear being judged and placed under the magnifying glass of a society that does not want to know that any mother is having a bad time.

And this is how we shut ourselves up in our anguish. Granted, it is generally transient but sometimes what resonates most in our minds is that "what matters most now is my baby," and that silences us in moments when we only want to tell someone that we are a little overdone, a little sad, anxious or even depressed.

Sometimes it's just a bad day, which is not the same as a bad life or that everything is horrible. Although motherhood is often extreme, the truth is that it is important to verbalize how we feel during those difficult moments and seek support from our partner, family and close friends.

It takes a village to raise a child, as the saying goes and it actually makes a lot of sense. Motherhood, in its beginnings, can be a stage of much loneliness if a network of support is not established around the new mom. If not, we must seek it. 

Maternal health is not only physical, it is also mental and we need to be well to raise our children well, to be happy and to make our children happy. Talk, complain if you have to complain, look for some humor at the end of the day in commonplace situations of being a mother. Become part of a community of moms where you feel comfortable and not judged or scared (social networks are for extremes).

And always remember, "The days are long but the years are short." So try to enjoy and cherish every moment you have with your baby. They grow so fast!

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