Why self-care is important

July 13, 2018

Why self-care is important

When we become mothers, the first months or even years, are times that we dedicate absolutely to the care of our children and many times we feel that we have been "leaving aside" or forgetting that certain routines, hobbies or aspirations are part of our essence as people. Therefore, it is important that you leace space to "return to be you" and self-care, a concept that is crucial to bring you serenity and well-being.

Here are some tips to achieve this:

  1. Get back to your routines. From going out to a show once a week, reading every night, watching a TV series, doing sports, hobbies, etc. You know well what your pre-maternity routines were. The important thing is to resume those routines and relax and not only use the phone to distract you.

  1. Care for your body. Go back to feeling cute, more beautiful even now that you are a mom. If you feel that you have gained weight or your hair for example is not as you like, then take small steps to get it looking like you want it. 


  1. Go out with friends. Motherhood is better spent together with other mom-friends! You need to go out with your friends. Although it is hard to coordinate, make the effort to meet up, and even talk about all sorts of things (not just your kids).

  1. Solo times with the couple. Being a parent is a whole made up of many parts, and being a partner is one more dimension of this new world. Do not wait for him to take the initiative and create some instance to share, either at home or going out. Feeling loved and what we want is the best self-care.

  1. Advance at work or undertake new projects. Motherhood gives us a unique strength to want to be the best version of ourselves. Take advantage of this impulse and create instances to overcome you in what you propose in this area, from seeking an ascent, to study or to undertake with a business of your own that allows you to always be close to your children.

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