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I strive to create, innovative and functional products for parents like myself. I pride myself on showcasing my unique designs; taking traditional baby accessories and adding problem-solving features and essential elements that aim to make parent’s life a little bit easier.

As a result, Baby Preferred was born! Baby Preferred offers adorable, affordable, function-able baby consumer products with innovative solutions to meet the needs of today's parents. We offer products such as baby carrier accessories, nursing pillow covers, Baby sleep helpers and more!

Baby Preferred is headquartered in Sacramento, California and is sold on babypreferred.com, Amazon.com, Amazon.ca, Amazon.jp and soon to be in Europe and Mexico. Customer service is the core focus at Baby Preferred; we strive to make our customers as happy as possible.

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Please let us know how we’re doing and drop us a line at info@babypreferred.com, as we are always trying to improve and create designs and products that can’t be found anywhere else. Have a look around the shop, read our customer reviews and never hesitate to contact me and ask any questions you may have. I am here to help and very glad to do so :) Happy shopping!

P.S. When I say “we” I always include my two boys:)


Our mission is to continue to create innovative, functional and affordable consumer baby products and baby carrier accessories that offer solutions to meet the needs of today’s parents. But it doesn’t stop there!

Every time you purchase a Baby Preferred product a portion of the proceeds is donated to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital to help in the mission of finding cures and saving children everywhere. 

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