Baby Preferred® Drool and Teething Cover Designed to fit BabyBjörn® Carrier One


    • Save Your Carrier One (Carrier NOT included): This form-fitted protection is designed to fit your expensive Baby Bjorn® Carrier One. Baby Preferred® Drool Pads protect from chewing and soaking to keep baby's skin rash-free and your clothes stain-free

    • Sustainable Bamboo w/ K’un: Bamboo is not only kind to the planet, but the natural antifungal K’un found in Bamboo fibers are kind to your baby, keeping your drool pad safe, even after hours of use
    • Super Absorbent: The 100% Organic Cotton fleece combination is durable and has greater wicking properties than cotton alone to keep baby’s face soft, cool & dry
    • One Piece Drool Protection: The cushy large absorbent teething pad gives all-day drool protection to keep your baby’s face rash free in both front & back carrying positions
    • Frustration Free & Charitable: The Teething Pad installs with just a few quick snaps for all day protection; PLUS you will feel good knowing a part of your sale goes directly to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital


    BabyPreferred® is a registered trademark of Baby Preferred. Baby Preferred® covers are designed to be used with BabyBjörn carriers. BabyBjörn is a registered trademark of BabyBjörn. Baby Preferred® has no affiliation or connection with BabyBjörn.

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